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I wrote this confession for my mother when life seemed to be handing out an unlimited supply of lemons. She was in remission from her stage 4 lung cancer and had just been given the news that it was back and this time more aggressively.


She battled thoughts of depression, torment, and just plain confusion. She found herself in a place where she felt hopeless and forgotten. Little did she know I was in a similar place. Not that I was battling a terminal disease but I was battling warfare of the mind and when left untreated, it has the power to deteriorate one's body through worrying that disease is inevitable.


So through prayer and meditation, God gave me these very words to speak out loud daily. As my mother and I began to read this confession daily it became more living. She went from sounding sad and outdone to being the WARRIOR she is. When I would speak to her I would say "how are you feeling today?" and she would respond "NEVERTHELESS I STILL HAVE MY JOY!"


Please accept this gift from my beloved mother and I. As you confess these words over yourself, your family, and your circumstances, we pray that you are filled with a double portion of JOY!


With Love,

Dannella Lane


*Note: This is a digital resource. The workbook will be sent to your email address.

My Daily Confession Workbook

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